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Exotic Materials

People usually refer to an FR-4 epoxy as just a difunctional epoxy laminate that has a low Tg of about 110-130°C.

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HDI Capabilities

HDI PCBs(High Density Interconnect) are Printed Circuit Boards that incorporate a very dense interconnection between the component(s) and the circuit board itself.

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Flex & Rigid Flex

Rigid-Flexible PCBs are boards that incorporate both a standard rigid board with flexible attachments.

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MFG Capabilities

Visit our comprehensive list of key Printed Circuit Board manufacturing capabilities to match our strength to your design.

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Some of our Strengths


We Are Advanced

We serve our customers with latest CRM software technology. CRM software serves our customers with highest priority 24 hours with live chat communication. Also, CRM technology allows us to handle the customer data and correspondence very efficiently where customer service remains at the top level.


Latest Technology

We continuously invest in latest technology so we can produce the best quality PCBs. We have significantly increased our manufacturing capabilities in 2017 and plan on even more changes for 2018. Visit our Facility & Products page to learn more.


Well Reputation

PCBs are the key component part in any electronic project for maximizing its efficiency & functioning. Reliability of PCBs are a must and we can proudly say that all of our boards are 100% tested and inspected according to specifications. ARROWPCB is an ideal place for getting world-class Printed Circuit Boards.


Very Competitive

With our latest technology equipment, softwares and lowest employee turn over ratio, We are very competitive and efficient in pricing. We are always available and happy to help lower your PCB cost to meet your project requirement.

Happy Clients

Happy Clients


Completed Projects

Completed Projects


Running Projects

Running Projects


Award Winning

Award Winning


Are you looking for quick turn PCBs?

Whether you need quick turn Printed Circuit Boards for your prototypes or reliable quality large production PCBs manufactured; ARROWPCB can be your great fabrication partner.

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