Specifications And Tolerances

Specifications: Tolerances:
Minimum Outer Line Width .002”
Minimum Inner Line Width .002”
Minimum Outer Space, Trace/Trace .002”
Minimum Inner Space, Trace/Trace .002”
Minimum Space, PCB Edge to Conductor .005”
Layer-to-Layer Registration +/-.002”
Maximum Finished PCB Thickness .400”
Minimum Board Thickness Tolerance +/- 4%
Dimensions-Fab O.D. .003”
Fabrication Radius +/-5 deg.
Warpage (inch per inch)(flatness of finished board) .003”/inch
Minimum Component Pitch .004”
Minimum Dielectric Thickness .0015”
Maximum Number of Layers 32+
Impedance Control +/- 5%
Pad to Hole Size: Tolerances:
Tolerance—Plated Hole Size +/-.0015”
Minimum Plated Hole Size .003”
Plane Relief Diameter over drilled hole .010””
Minimum Outer Non-Plated Hole to Trace Spacing .005”
Minimum Inner Non-Plated .005”
Drilling: Tolerances:
Minimum Drill Size .004”
Minimum Drill Size (Above .200 is routed) .312”
Maximum Aspect Ratio 16:1
Micro Via Drilling: Tolerances:
Minimum Drill Size .004”
Maximum Aspect Ratio 1:1:5
Testing Capabilities: Tolerances:
Minimum Component Pitch .004”/side
Test Parameters 1000 Volts
50 ohm resist
50 meg ohm iso
Solder Mask Criteria: Tolerances:
Solder mask clearances Line coverage .002”/side
SMT Minimum Pad Spacing .007”
Minimum Solder mask Dam .002”
Surface Finishes Available: Tolerances:
HASL Thickness 40~400u”
Immersion Silver Thickness 6~18u”
Entek Organic Coating (OSP) Coverage
Immersion Ni/Au Thickness 201~300u” Ni 2~4u” Au
Lead Free HASL Thickness 80~300u”
Hard Gold Thickness 61~80u”
Soft Gold Thickness 5~100u”
Other Capabilities: Tolerances:
Via Fill Conductive,Non-Conductive,Copper Fill
Blind/Buried Vias 4 mil and above
Micro Vias Stacked
Rigid Flex Up to 18 layers
Flex Up to 18 Layers/.125 Thick
Edge Castellation (plated edges) Any Edges
Aluminum Core 4 mil and above
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