Turn-key Solutions

Turn-Key is a term used in the PCB industry for a PCB that is ready to be installed into the final product it was designed for. This means the board was manufactured, the components were installed, and any testing/burn-in was completed. This way an end user only has to install the completed PCB. A true offering of Turn-Key service is much more difficult than companies like to say it is. It requires a great deal of planning to keep the whole project on schedule. In most cases the PCB has to be manufactured at one facility and assembled at another. There are however a few PCB manufacturers that do assembly also, but they are very limited on what they can offer.

Picking a manufacturer that can offer Turn-Key services should be methodically researched. Maintaining an on-time ship date is very difficult and more often than not a lot of manufacturers do not have a good ‘track record’ of accomplishing this on a consecutive basis.

We offer:
• Turnkey & Consignment Assembly
• Assembly of SMT, through hole and mixed technology
• Complete review of project from cost analysis to Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
• Consultation on Printed Circuit Board layout and parts.
• Quick Turnaround on small volume proto-type runs
• Complete Box Build and ship from our facility
• Functional Testing
• Quality Control

We offer full turn-key solutions to our customers so, If you are interested in the service please fill in minimum information required for us to contact you. Also, please don't forget to upload the data to us so we can start looking into your requirements.

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